Is this thing on?

Hello there! I wanted to take this time to welcome you to my blog–and for that matter, to welcome me to my blog, since I only just made it this morning. Not counting the previous version I spent a week butchering before accidentally deleting it. Yeah, let’s cast that little misadventure into the void.

Now the blog is here (again), and I’m almost definitely not going to slip up and obliterate it this time. So how exactly does one do a blog? Clearly, I’m not the expert. I’ve somehow managed to get left behind by the majority of my generation as we all shuffle towards our the inevitability of our brains being uploaded onto the cloud. I spent more time in college making yarn maps about space-lesbians than learning how hashtags work. I think I know now?? Probably. Don’t quiz me on it.

But no more! Now, I am a citizen of the digital world! Equipped with too much free time, limited knowledge of HTML, and an ego big enough to power a small country, I too will inflict my insipid thoughts and opinions on anyone with an internet connection! So what might those aforementioned thoughts contain, you may ask? …Um. Give me a minute to shuffle my note cards.

I do have Plans, of course; great elaborate byzantine things that will inevitably be discarded in lieu of something I whip up at 2 in the morning on a Wednesday. I want this blog to be a place to order my thoughts, to talk about stuff that I like, to pick out the stuff in my life that I find important and really dig into it. Above all, I’m going to keep it casual; this is where all my typos and sloppy grammar and really stupid jokes will come out to play. Alright, I admit it: this disclaimer is a form of psychological self-protection from the inevitable point when I go back to re-read my old writing, and am reminded of what a idiot I sound like. You hear that, future me? If you sounded  like an obnoxious asshole in 2016, it’s because you weren’t really trying! Repeat ad infinitum until self-actualization or death.

Well, there you have it! The very first, brand-spanking shiny new post. Time to go break a bottle of champagne over something.

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